Charles Gatewood will custom print any photograph for you.
All photographs are exhibition quality, signed by Charles Gatewood.
All prints are unframed in limited editions of 25.

Any of the images on this site, or in Mr. Gatewood's books, is available as a print.
If you have a favorite image, please inquire...

8 x 10"  -  $200.00
11 x 14"  -  $350.00
16 x 20"  -   $500.00


"If you don't already own one of Charles Gatewood's photographs, books or videos, you have no right to call yourself a member of the underground. This ever curious chronicler of the culturally peculiar has been taking photographs for 30 years, and he shows no signs of slowing down."
-   Paper Magazine

"You don't just look at a Charles Gatewood photograph. You are captured by it. Trapped in a bottle with a firefly, in the same room with the magical moment rekindled, pushed up against a new texture, changed by the thrill of new realities, shocked by twisted sensibilities. I'm not only impressed by the large, black-and-white Charles Gatewood photographs in the brilliant PRIMITIVES collection, I am changed by them."
-  Skin & Ink Magazine

"If something's shocking, lurid, or erotic, Gatewood wants to see it. The premier photo-documentarian of American sexual and social perversion has spent an entire, brilliant career refining peeping into a powerful and arresting art."
-  Skin Two Magazine

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