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Weird America


At Last! America's hottest underground scenes in one scorching Blow-Out! SEE the very best of: S/M San Francisco! Nude New York! Erotic Tattooing and Body Piercing! Mud Wrestling Bikers! Wet T-Shirt Spring Breakers! Uncensored Mardi-Gras! PLUS Shocking New Material! A MUST for all collectors!

85 MINS $19.95

Weird Amsterdam


YOW! How weird is weird? See for yourself! Join Hurricane Martha on this bawdy romp through Europe's Capital of Raunch! SEE: The Sex Museum! The Tattoo Museum! Plus: Strange Underground Clubs, topless blondes, and Amazing Astrid showing her Queen-sized pierced nipples! Not for the Faint-Hearted!

60 MINS $19.95


The cult of Harley-Davidson! Tattoos for bikers! Show your tits shots aplenty! Party at the Boot Hill Saloon! Boogie music and get-down action! Choppers and custom bikes galore! Behind the scenes at Iron Horse! Interviews, bitches, raves! World's largest biker bash!

60 MINS $19.95


WILD AND UNCENSORED New Orleans Mardi-Gras - the world's biggest and craziest street party! You won't see these scorching scenes on TV - and every shot is real! Get down on Bourbon St! Wild Sexual Fantasies! Glittering Floats! Show Your Ass! Show Your Tits!! Show Your Dick!!! Hot carnival rock, jazz and blues! Party! Party! Party!

60 MINS $19.95


YOW! See Otter's OUTRAGEOUS sex show! Bizarre genital stretching! Erotic Fire play! A human dart boart! Watch Amazing Angelica flog her helpless submissive raw! Plus Painproof's freak show, naked vampire tattoos, Annie Sprinkle shows her cervix and much more! Shocking! Eye-popping! GRAB IT!

60 MINS $19.95


WOW! Is San Francisco America's weirdest city? See this unbelievable video and decide for yourself! FEATURING: Female sadist in an S/M dungeon! Nude psychedelic rock & roll! Pierced Genitals! Tattooed Breasts! Sexy Mistress of Infantilism! $100 an hour hooker tells all! San Francisco1s weirdest bars and clubs! PLUS: Strange bohemians, Punks, Skinheads, Sword Swallowers, Performance Artists and sizzling underground scenes that will leave you gasping for more!

60 MINS $19.95


SIZZLING! UNCENSORED! See hordes of horny college students invade Florida's beaches in search of Sun, Suds and Sex! Wet T-Shirt contests! Chug-A-Lug pool parties! Fort Lauderdale Madness! Wild Daytona Beach! Teeny bikinis and hot weenies! Hilarious "Sex And Drug" interviews! Show Your Tits and more!

60 MINS $19.95

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