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A deluxe book featuring the very best of Charles Gatewood's award-winning photographs of America's sexual underground! From wild fetish parties at New York's infamous Hellfire Club to crazed erotic excesses at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, from kinky sadomasochistic scenes in sinful San Francisco to forbidden tattoos and outrageous body piercings, this handsome book has it all!

9" x 12" - 64 pgs
Hardbound - $50.00 - special $35.00

Charles Gatewood's Photographs

"From Gatewood's early years in the American South, to the depths of New York's infamous Hellfire Club, to his first meeting with Annie Sprinkle, to the gonzo tattooist Spider Webb, to the bawdy New Orleans Mardi Gras, to the tattooed and pierced denizens of the underground, Gatewood's Forbidden Photographs text, accompanied by his striking black and white photos, shows a deep understanding, intelligence and need for the often overlooked gray areas of life."
-  In Print Reviews

"Gatewood's retrospective exhibition, 'The body and Beyond,' is nothing less than a visual history of Western body modification, from its underground roots through its proliferation into the mainstream."
-  In The Flesh Magazine

"Gatewood is the direct photographic descendent of Weegee. His images are pure photography, unfettered by the mock majesty of elitist art."
- Michael Edelson, 35mm Photography

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