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FINALLY! A deluxe new edition of a classic Charles Gatewood book, featuring America's sexual underground! Annie Sprinkle, Fakir Musafar Spider Webb, the Hellfire Club, and the red-hot worlds of erotic tattooing and body piercing! Eye-popping photographs - sizzling text too!

"Forbidden Photographs is a funny, poignant and sometimes scary document of lives-including the photgrapher's-lived well beyond the edge. Some of these portraits are humorous, some will make you cringe, some will make you cross your legs, and one, of a tattooed fetus, may even make you gag. Yet what comes across here, in a weird way, is the integrity and clarity of the vision."
-  Libido Magazine

"From Diane Arbus's countless followers in the 1970's, only Charles Gatewood has been able to continue her "terrible" sensibility...with subjects from subcultures the camera eye was not ready to confront in Arbus's time."
-  Das Aktfoto

9" x 12" - 64 pgs

Forbidden Photographs Cover Image

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